Base class for async operation sequences that can be processed by an AsyncOperationProcessor

Namespace: CrawlerLib.Engine.OperationProcessor.Async
Assembly: CrawlerLib.Engine (in CrawlerLib.Engine.dll)


Visual Basic

<Obfuscation(Exclude = true)> _
Public MustInherit Class AsyncOperationSequenceBase
    Implements IDisposable


[Obfuscation(Exclude = true)]
public abstract class AsyncOperationSequenceBase : IDisposable


[Obfuscation(Exclude = true)]
public ref class AsyncOperationSequenceBase abstract  : public IDisposable^


   Obfuscation(Exclude = true)
abstract class AsyncOperationSequenceBase
   implements IDisposable



An AsyncOperationSequenceBase will start again after processing if IsLastOperation returns false. An    AsyncOperationSequenceBase will NOT start again it the operation is aborted or the processing has an exception. To    implement an single async operation, return always true on   IsLastOperation    . To implement an async operation sequence maintain status of the operations and return true on   IsLastOperation    when the sequence is finished. IsLastOperation should be true after processing the last operation.    There is no need that   IsLastOperation    is true when the last operation starts

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