Defines the basic behavior of an operation processor

Namespace: CrawlerLib.Engine.OperationProcessor
Assembly: CrawlerLib.Engine (in CrawlerLib.Engine.dll)


Visual Basic

<Obfuscation(Exclude = true)> _
Public Interface IOperationProcessor


[Obfuscation(Exclude = true)]
public interface IOperationProcessor


[Obfuscation(Exclude = true)]
public interface class IOperationProcessor


   Obfuscation(Exclude = true)
interface IOperationProcessor



       Operation processors are used to perform the async work of processable workflow children.        An operation processor comes into play when a special thread pool or processing infrastructure is needed to process a workflow child.        All Engines share the operation processor of a certain type.        For performance reasons there is a static array holding all operation processor singletons.  

       It is recommended to use the OperationProcessorBase class to implement operation processors and not to implement this interface directly.  


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